Life Happens

Whether it’s family changes, both happy and sad; grief and loss; workplace difficulties or relationship issues, these challenges are an inevitable part of everyone’s life.  So as part of our commitment to staff wellbeing, DXC provides professional and confidential counselling for our most important asset.  The DXC Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is there to help you and your family deal with issues quickly and effectively.

Contact Lifeworks EAP 24x7 via live chat or phone

Australia: 1300 361 008

New Zealand: 0800 155 318.

Fiji: +64 9 353 0906 or

You can access the Lifeworks EAP app or employee portal using the following credentials:

Australia: Username: dxcaus  Password: DXCaunzfj

New Zealand: Username: dxcnz  Password:  DXCaunzfj

Fiji: Username: dxcfiji  Password: DXCaunzfj

Here is a list of additional benefits DXC can access by using the Lifeworks EAP employee portal. Please use the above log in credentials.